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Collaboration in action

All LGPS Funds are required to procure the services available through the National LGPS Frameworks.

Lord Hutton highlighted the potential benefits of co-operative projects within the LGPS and his recommendation for a greater degree of collaborative procurement was accepted by the Government and subsequently endorsed by DCLG ministers. LGPS 2014 takes this further.

By the LGPS, for the LGPS

The National LGPS Procurement Frameworks are a direct example of funds with shared interests and visions collaborating effectively to deliver benefits both locally and nationally across the entire LGPS.

They are the result of collaboration between ACCESS Pool, Bedford Borough Council, Border to Coast Pensions Partnership, BRUNEL Pension Partnership, Buckinghamshire County Council, Cambridgeshire County Council, Carmarthenshire County Council, Cheshire Pension Fund, Clwyd Pension Fund, Essex County Council, London Borough of Croydon, Cumbria Council, Derbyshire County Council, Dorset County Council, Environment Agency Pension Fund, London Borough of Hackney, Hampshire County Council, Kent County Council, Lancashire County Council, Lincolnshire County Council, LGPS Central, London CIV, Lothian Pension Fund, Merseyside Pension Fund, Norfolk Pension Fund, Northamptonshire County Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Staffordshire Pension Fund, Suffolk County Council, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, West Midlands Pension Fund, West Sussex County Council and West Yorkshire Pension Fund.

Procurement, Legal and Project Management support was provided by specialists from Norfolk County Council and the Norfolk Pension Fund.

The initiative is supported by the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Local Government Association.

Discussions about the nature of the project are also ongoing with HM Treasury and Cabinet Office as part of a wider efficiency programme.