Legal Services Framework Launched

National LGPS Frameworks are proud to launch the new Legal Services Framework. 

The National LGPS Framework for Legal Services builds on the success of the Actuarial & Benefit Consultancy, Investment Consultancy and Global Custody Services framework by offering an easy procurement route to a range of specialist, qualified legal services providers, chosen for their specific pensions and investment expertise.

The Legal Services framework is open not only for all LGPS Funds and employing authorities but for wider public sector pensions bodies too.

Funds can use the framework to procure legal services matched to their own specific requirements; from small, one-off pieces of work to longer-term, single supplier arrangements. 

The framework is split across five Lots:  

  • Lot 1 - Full Service (England & Wales)
  • Lot 2 - Full Service (Scotland)
  • Lot 3 - Investment (UK Wide)
  • Lot 4 - Benefits Administration, Employer Bodies and Governance (England & Wales)
  • Lot 5 - Benefits Administration, Employer Bodies and Governance (Scotland)

All participating funds will benefit from pre-agreed Terms and Conditions and ceiling prices established under the framework, along with a collaborative rebate.

There are 11 service providers on the framework across the five Lots:

supplier table

The Legal Service Framework builds on the successful legal framework let by LGPS Funds in the South West, which expires in 2015. It is a result of collaboration between Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Norfolk and Suffolk County Council, Lothian Pension Fund, the Environment Agency and the London Boroughs of Croydon and Hackney.

Specialist advice was provided by Norfolk County Council's Procurement and Legal Teams, with the Norfolk Pension Fund providing project management and ongoing support.

For more information about the Legal Services framework and a copy of the Introduction Pack please click here.

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