Stewardship Advisory Services

The Stewardship Advisory Services is now live and will be available for Further Competition and Direct Award until October 2021. This is an extension of 12 months due to difficulties related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Contracts awarded under the framework may be for a period of up to 7 years.

The framework is split across 5 lots:

Lot 1 - Voting Services

Lot 2 - Engagement Services

Lot 3 - Voting and Engagement

Lot 4 - Stewardship Research and Data Services

Lot 5 - Stewardship Related Project Services

There are 13 service providers on the framework across five lots:


We are aware that Oekom Research have changed the name they are operating under and we are in discussions with them. If you have any queries please contact us using the below details.

Please see the Introduction Pack below for more details about the services available through the framework:

Introduction and Joining Instructions - Download this pack if you would like to know more about the framework. It explains what a procurement framework is, the benefits of using one and what services are included.

Option Form - Complete this form if you would like more information on the framework or if you would like to sign up to use it.

Confidentiality Statement - You will need to sign and return this with your Option Form. We can then send you the full set of documents including Supplier Catalogues and Pricing Schedules.

Sample Members Access Agreement - An example of the Members Access Agreement. You will need to sign this document as an agreement between yourselves and Norfolk County Council, as the Letting Authority.

If you would like to find out more about this framework please contact us on 01603 495922 or email