National LGPS Frameworks Annual Meeting (9 November 2017)

The latest National LGPS Frameworks Annual Meeting of the Founding Authorities was held on Thurs 9 November 2017 and was attended by representatives from LGPS Funds, LGPS Pools, DCLG, Cabinet Office and HM Treasury.

 The slides from this meeting can be found here.

 The 30 Funds who are currently Founding Authorities (who have invested in setting up the individual frameworks) were keen to share with all stakeholders the latest news and developments from the National LGPS Frameworks and, most importantly, hear ideas on how the programme should develop to support us all, particularly in the light of pooling and ongoing reform. The Founders are very keen to ensure that the programme continues to be focused on delivering what all stakeholders really need, now and into the future, and to maintain the ‘By the LGPS, for the LGPS’ principle.


Since the very first National LGPS Framework was established in 2012 ‘By the LGPS, for the LGPS’, the programme has continued to grow to become a recognised and respected procurement route for the LGPS and we now have:

  • 7 live frameworks (plus the original Actuarial and Investment Consultancy Frameworks which still require administration e.g. Management Information collection).
  • 2 further frameworks: Investment Management Consultancy (first re-let) and Transition Management Services (new framework) on track to be awarded in October and November respectively.
  • Over 84 funds using the frameworks.
  • Over 150 contracts being let via the frameworks.
  • Estimated Savings of £87+million.

If you have any queries or would like to find out more about the National LGPS Frameworks please contact us on 01603 495922 or email