Benefits of Procurement Frameworks

Using a framework can save significant time and money, whilst still delivering a service specified to local requirements, and supporting local decision making and accountability.

Benefits for LGPS Funds:

  • Fast, efficient, easy to use OJEU compliant procurement frameworks that remove the need to undertake costly and time-consuming full OJEU procurement processes
  • Significant reduction in procurement timescale from six-nine months to as little as 4-6 weeks
  • Reduced procurement costs – slashed by up to 90%
  • Flexibility in the planning and running of tender processes via mini-competition
  • Robust frameworks resulting from thorough professional due diligence
  • More money spent through the framework = better prices for Funds using it
  • Pre-agreed terms and conditions – Funds simply ‘call off’ the framework to meet their requirements
  • Ceiling prices that can be further reduced by competition at call off
  • Detailed and easy to use guides, support and templates
  • Additional benefits, for example allowing user groups to optimise the LGPS buying power

Benefits for providers:

  • Faster Procurement process = new business known quicker!
  • Greater flexibility to fit procurement processes into business requirements
  • Large volumes of work can go through frameworks
  • Agreed Terms and Conditions
  • Standard tender documentation
  • Potential for more business- access to the whole of the LGPS!

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